Weekend Reading for Speakers and Storytellers


I came across a couple terrific reads this past week that relate to overcoming your fear of public speaking and mastering the art of storytelling.

The first was an article at Forbes.com listing “three essential lessons” every storyteller should master. Author Nick Morgan uses a TED talk by Children’s Author Carmen Agra Deedy as an example of a story that possesses the three secrets to great storytelling. It’s a terrific tale about her mother and looking for mall parking at Christmas time that, in the end, is about much more.

“A story is not an anecdote,” Morgan writes. “A story is a tale of struggle leading to change. The world has minimal patience for anecdotes, but it will never tire of great stories.” Read the article here, then watch the video.

The second gem of the week was an article at LifeHacker.com called “How I Beat My Fear of Public Speaking.” The author, Dan Shipper, doesn’t mention Toastmasters, but he notes that “the only cure for insecurity is experience.” And Shipper urges readers to “…start now. Because you’re either going to face up to it and get better at it, or run from it your whole life.”

Ready to face your fears? Open House Toastmasters in Burbank, CA is always open to guests at any level of experience. Join us on the first or third Tuesday of the month at the Burbank Holiday Inn from 7 to 9 PM because, as Dan Shipper writes, “you can’t get better if you don’t have something to improve on.”

See you there!

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1 Response to Weekend Reading for Speakers and Storytellers

  1. I agree. The only way to do it is to DO IT. I put off joining Toastmasters for three years before finally joining. And, speaking in public was my biggest fear in life. Since gaining confidence speaking to groups, I am able to consider options in my business life that I priorly “said NO! to” in my mind, when considering them. Best, Steve Downing – Dress for Success – http://www.HongKongCustom.com

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