Hello Toastmasters! I am here to inform everyone that our speech system is changing into something called Pathways. Why are we moving towards an online program and phasing out the manuals?

Pathways is a way to give every member the chance to succeed in their own, unique way. Within the system, they will be able to move through a path that corresponds with the goals and motives they themselves have. The CC and CL manual are awesome, but they do not capture the individuality that a member has.

If you already have been in the club, you may finish your CC or CL manual before transferring to pathways, if you wish. This is to allot time for those who are in the middle of completing these manuals.

We hope that this change will be for the better, and if you have questions, feel free to message the club or drop by a meeting to ask about it.

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Toastmasters name change announcement!

Hello former Open House Toastmasters members and guests! We have recently changed our name from Open House Toastmasters to Media City Toastmasters, reflecting the hustle and bustle of the many animating studios located in Burbank. We are currently in the transition of changing our name and therefore it may be understandably confusing for a while while we finish our transition.

However, do not fret! Our meetings and content are still the same, and still meet at the first and third Tuesday of every month, from 7-9 PM at the Burbank Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to seeing the members of Media City toastmasters and all guests to our club in the near future!

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18 Years of…

For 18 years Open House Toastmasters has been providing a safe an environment where an individual can learn to overcome their FEARS of Public Speaking through positive encouragement from members. Furthermore our toastmaster club provides an opportunity for individuals to find their Public Speaking Voice through the different types of speeches that Toastmasters teaches you.  In toastmasters one can learn How to Organize their speech, How to effectively use Visual Aids to enhance their speech, or How to Inspire your audience. In addition you can learn valuable Leadership Skills such as Time Management, Listening skills, How to create a newsletter, or event planning.

“We make being professional fun” Open House Toastmasters Club President Armen Klujian

Open House Toastmasters always meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month.

Our next scheduled meetings are: Tuesday May 17th 2016, Tuesday June 7th, June 21st.



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Free Public Speaking Seminar, April 8

Do your knees start to knock when you’re asked to speak in front of a group?
Do you want to feel more confident during job interviews or when pitching ideas?
Are you looking to improve your leadership skills?

Toastmasters can help!

Open House Toastmasters of Burbank


Public Speaking for the Rest of Us

a free seminar – all are welcome!

Attendees will:

  • Gain helpful tips to improve their public speaking abilities immediately
  • Learn lessons on leadership from a seasoned professional
  • Discover how joining Toastmasters can benefit both career and personal life
  • Have the opportunity to give a brief impromptu speech (if desired)
  • Get FREE refreshments!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
6:45-7:00 pm –Registration
7:00-8:30 pm –Seminar
8:30-9:00 pm –Networking

Holiday Inn
People’s Choice Restaurant
150 E. Angeleno Ave, Burbank, CA

Please RSVP to 

Public Speaking for the Rest of Us – Flyer

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Speech Contest Feb. 18

3344729328_038ef4ed4d_oOpen House Toastmasters in Burbank is hosting an International and Table Topics Speech Contest on Tuesday, February 18 at 7PM at The People’s Choice Restaurant inside the Burbank Holiday Inn. See the sidebar for address and direction.

Guests are always welcome!

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Meeting Roundup

Last night’s meeting was, as usual, fun and informative. Riffing on the theme of “Discovery,” our Toastmaster took us on a journey of accidental inventions from penicillin to teflon, while our Table Topics Master got participants talking about everything from discovering new worlds (and life) in outer space to the much more intimate journey self-discovery.

DSC_2951The first prepared speech of the evening transported us to India with visual aids that included clothing and photographs, and sensory aids that included coffee, cardamom tea, and a tasty Indian dessert. Subsequent speeches revealed an unlikely role model in actress and director Drew Barrymore, taught us the importance of being your own medical advocate (recommended websites included WebMD and Mayo Clinic), and educated us on “suits and suitability.”

The next meeting of Burbank Open House Toastmasters will be held on Tuesday, October 15. See you there!

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Weekend Reading for Speakers and Writers 9/27

Liz Andra Shaw has a series of blog posts called “Top Ten Reasons Why Writers Should Join Toastmasters” for all you writers out there. If you ever needed a reason to join a meeting here are ten of them.

From Business Insider,  the Top Ten Biggest Public Speaking Phobias and How to Overcome Them.

5 Body Language Poses That Can Sabotage Success (hint: crossed ankles and tilted heads are out).

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Our Own Susan Stewart Moves on to Division C Contest

DSC_5543Last weekend Susan Stewart swept the area C33 contest, winning first prize in both the Tall Tales and Evaluation speech contests. Susan will move on to the Division C contest happening on Saturday, October 19 at 10 AM sharp at Glendale Fire Station #21 (421 Oak Street, Glendale). Way to go, Susan!!

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